CS 529 / Project

The project for this course in organized into four distinct parts, which will add up to a working information retrieval system at the end of the semester. Choose a link below to download or view items that have to do with various pieces of the project.

Date Posted Description
8/29 Project, Part I: Parsing with the Porter Algorithm, due date: 9/19
8/31 Porter Algorithm Java source code
9/4 Stopword file for parsing
9/4 Sample JavaCC parser source code
9/4 SimpleIR --- a sample Information Retrieval engine; and a new help document
9/5 Input documents for your IR engine
9/5 Link to the download page for JavaCC
9/6 Project, Part 2: Basic IR Engine (no memory limitations), due date: 10/17
10/2 Queries to be used against the entire posted minitrec collection
10/2 Treceval program and qrels to be used with your results
10/2 Information on treceval
10/10 Treceval results for AIRE, the IIT Information Retrieval lab's IR engine
10/9 Project, Part 3: IR Engine (with memory limitations), due date: 11/14
11/6 Sample Unary Compression code
11/17 Project, Part 4: Relevance feedback and phrases, due date: 12/05
contact lee@iit.edu for any questions, comments, suggestions